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Bitter Melon Extract

Other names:Momordica charantia,
Botanical source:Momordica charantia L
Used plant part:Fruit
Specifications:Charantin 10%,20% by HPLC
Product benefits:Has anti-diabetes,anti-viral to HIV facts and has been used to combat cancer,asthma, various skin infections,diabetes, GI disorders, and the common cold,increase production of beta cells by the pancreas,repair beta cells,and stimulate restoring function of pancreas.
Application area:It has been utilized in pharmaceuticals,cosmetics,healthy foods fields.
Key Words:Bitter Melon Extract,Momordica charantia,Charantin,anti-diabetes,anti-viral to HIV,combat cancer,asthma,various skin infections,diabetes,GI disorders,cold,increase production of beta cells,repair beta cells,stimulate restoring function of pancreas