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Wolfberry Extract,Black goji berry extract

Other names:goji berry extract,black goji berry extract
Botanical source:Lycium ruthenicum Murr.
Used plant part:Fruits
Specifications:"Polysaccharides 50%,UV Anthocyanidins 25%,30%,50%,UV Anthocyanin 98%,HPLC Proanthocyanidins(OPC) 80%,90%UV 10:1,20:1 "
Product benefits:Free radical scavenger,
Application area:It is applied to healthy dietary suplements,functional foods and beverage and cosmetic fields
Key Words:Wolfberry Extract,goji berry extract,black goji berry extract,wolfberry polysaccharides, Anthocyanidins,Anthocyanin,Proanthocyanidins,OPC,Lycium ruthenicum,amino acids (18), vitamins (13 kinds), minerals, trace elements and other nutrients,boost immune system,protection against the flu,help weight loss,increase enegy and quality of sleep.