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Oleanic Acid

Other names:olive leaf extract,Loquat leaf extract,
Botanical source:olea europaea l.;ligustrum lucidum ait. Or swertia mileensis t.n.he et w.l.shi
Used plant part:"The leaves of olea europaea l.;
The fruits of ligustrum lucidum ait.
The whole plant of swertia mileensis t.n.he et w.l.shi"
Specifications:Oleanic acid 30%,50%,70%,98%by HPLC
Product benefits:Alleviate liver injury; Promote the regeneration of liver cells; Serum alanine aminotransferase activity was decreased,treat viral chronic persisting hepatitis
Application area:It is applied to pharmaceuticals,cosmetics and healthy foods &beverage areas.
Key Words:Oleanic acid,olive leaf extract,Loquat leaf extract,olea europaea extract,ligustrum lucidum extract, swertia mileensis extract,alleviate liver injury,promote the regeneration of liver cells