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Herb Andrographis paniculata Extract

Other names:Andrographolide,andrographis paniculata extract,Herb Andrographis paniculata Extract
Botanical source:Andrographis Paniculata(Burm.f) Ness
Used plant part:Whole herbs
Specifications:Andrographolide 98%,50%,20% by HPLC
Product benefits:Remove heat,detoxify,anti-inflammation and relieve pain. It is mainly used for treatment of bacterial and viral upper respiratory tract infections and dysentery.
Application area:It has been utilized in pharmaceuticals,cosmetics,healthy foods,daily chemicals and shampoo products
Key Words:Andrographolide,Herb Andrographis paniculata Extract,Andrographis paniculata,remove heat,detoxify,diminish inflammation,relieve pain,dysentery,upper respiratory tract infections