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Ginger Root Extract

Other names:ginger extract, gingerol,5% gingerol,6gingerol,gingerols

Botanical source:Zingiber officinale L.

Used plant part:Root

Specifications:Gingerol 5%,6%,10% by HPLC

Product benefits:Ginger Root Extract has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as well as digestive support.

Application area:It has been utilized as ingredient in medicine,cosmetics,healthy foods,daily chemicals and shampoo products

Key Words:Ginger Root Extract,ginger extract, gingerol,5% gingerol,6-gingerol,gingerols,anti-inflammatory,antioxidant,analgesic,antidiabitic,improves digestion,reduces nausea,vomiting,morning sickness,sea sickness,reduces symptoms of osteoarthritis,lower Blood Sugars,lower cholesterol levels,protect against alzheimer's disease,diuretic,pain relief.