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Berberine HCL

Other names:Berberine hydrochloride,
Botanical source:Cork, Coptis, three needles and other plants
Used plant part:Bark
Specifications:Berberine HCL 98%,97% by HPLC
Product benefits:Has antimicrobials,antiarrhythmic and anti-tumor properties,Berberine HCL is used as natural antibiotic for treatment of gastroenteritis,bacillary dysentery and other intestinal infections,conjunctivitis,suppurative otitis media.
Application area:It is applied to pharmaceuticals,healthy foods and cosmetics industries.
Key Words:berberine HCL,berberine hydrochloride,Cork extract, Coptis extract, three needles extract,Antimicrobials,antiarrhythmic, anti-tumor