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Orange powder

Other names:spray-dried orange juice powder,orange juice powder,Spray-dried Orange Juice Powder

Botanical source:Citrus Aurantium

Used plant part:Peel

Specifications:Spray-dried orange peel powder

Product benefits:antioxidant,natural cleanser,Skin Whitening,Reduces Acne Scars,anti-aging,anti-wrinkles,

Application area:As ingredients used for cosmetics,healthy foods and beverage or nutritional industry,eg. baked goods, desserts, and juice applications

Key Words:Orange powder,Citrus Aurantium,spray-dried orange juice,orange juice powder,Spray-dried Orange Juice Powder,baked goods, desserts, and juice applications,Skin Whitening,Reduces Acne Scars,anti-aging,anti-wrinkles,natural cleanser,antioxidant