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MuziAgri Ltd

MUZI BIO LTD, also known as MuziAgri is a professional supplier of natural ingredients. In particular, it has many outstanding achievements in research and development of beneficial microorganisms and natural herbal extracts. More than that, it has built many organic planting bases for pursuing high-quality products and strictly control from the source. Meanwhile, it owns its independent laboratory houses and built up partnerships with many famous universities and Institutes, jointly developed a lots scientific projects. In the R&D center, there are 5 professors, 8 doctors and 15masters working together, and they all have been working in the field of 

Microbiology and phytochem for more than sixteen years.

Its featured products including Organic Peony Series, Radix Scutellaria Extract, Organic Black/Red Goji Berry Series,and functional lactic-acid bacteria powder and probiotic derivative products  are hot-selling and gained a lot of good reputations from customers.

The company is not only committed to providing functional lactic-acid bacteria freeze-dried powder, fermented traditional Chinese medicine, plant extracts, and other natural ingredients, but also supplying one-stop professional services for the enterprises of human health, animal health management, feed additives, green breeding, antibiotics replacement, green agriculture and environmental protection.

Quality and innovation are our foundation of growth, MUZI BIO are willing to serve you with superior products and services.